Kaizen Guide

On this page you will find a comprehensive guide with some of the most important things you need to know about the server. We have so many changes that it would be impossible to list them all!

You can use the sidebar on the left to skip to a specific section. However, we recommend you read through the whole thing so you don't miss out on any important features.

There is a Starting Guide at the bottom of the page.

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  • V92 PRE-BIG BANG: Fully working Evan, Dual Blade, Item Potential, Item Sets, Equip Enhancement, Shoulderpads, Kataras.
  • Imported content including Castellan Toad, Von Leon, Ravana, Chaos Zak/HT, Empress, Arkarium, Hilla, Magnus, Mori Ranmaru, Dragon Rider.
  • Custom EXP rate that scales with level. 3x Quest Bonus.
  • NO GFX BUG. Widescreen client with customizable settings. Very stable server, experienced developers.
  • Imported Cash items, Mounts, Working Chairs, Damage Skins, Hairs/Face, Pets.
  • No dailies, no mules, no AFK-leech, no HP washing, skill changes.
  • Automated events. Custom event games, custom maps.
  • Account-wide bonus stats for Quests, Monster Cards, custom Achievements system, Boss Orbs, Global Drops.
  • Party Quest hub. Custom Expanded Dojo. Fishing system in FM. Boss Points shop. Event Points.
  • QOL edits: Decreased chat cooldown, no breath, fast speed & climbing, type pic, 9999 stack size, shoot from close, expanded AP window, marked important drops, faster maker, HT wider platforms, and much more.
  • Custom: Mob spawning formula, new scrolls, edited drop tables, no gender restrictions, no secondary stat item requirements, Axe and BW as strong as/slightly better than swords, and much more.
  • Automatic bot checks, mapowner, free @go, various handy commands like @whodrops, ore pouch, style catalogue, and much more.



Custom EXP rate
In most low rate servers, typically starting from around 3rd job, leveling becomes a tedious and slow grind while bossing is still far away. 

  • In Kaizen, EXP rate scales gradually with level to allow for a steady progression. See graph: 
  • EXP from questing also gets an extra 3x bonus on top of the rate mentioned above. We recommend questing for EXP, while at the same time building quest/monster card bonus.
  • Various areas had their HP and EXP altered for training, e.g. Ellin Forest 95+, Lion King's Castle 120+, Ninja Castle 120+, Golden Temple 150+, Gate to Future 160+, Dimensional Schism 180+, Twilight Perion 190+, Heliseum 200+.
  • Max level is 250 for all classes except for Knights of Cygnus max 120.
  • Additionally, in case you want to switch class, if you have a character over lvl 200, your other characters receive a bonus 3x EXP (until 200). If you have a lvl 250 character, your other characters receive a bonus 2x EXP from 200~250 as well.

Bonus Stats
This game has so much content to explore, yet in most servers players gravitate towards the same handful of maps. Quests, monster cards, and achievements are shared Account-wide.

  • For every 20 monster cards collected: Account +1 All-stat, +1 Watk, +40 HP/MP.
  • For every 100 quests completed: Account +1% All-stat, +1% Watk. View your quests completed using @quests or @quests2
  • For every 200 achievement points: Account +2% WATK, +1% MAGIC. Achievements can be found with T-1337 in FM or using @ach command.
  • Boss orbs can be unsealed to permanently gain HP/MP.  9 expedition bosses (highest Pink Bean) have a chance to drop an orb. Each one can be used 20 times per character and grants +50 HP/MP.
  • HP gain per level is 1.5x regular amount.

To view your Bonus Stats, hover over the Book Item in your Equipment Inventory, or use @bonus or @bonus2


Item Potential & Equip Enhancement
An item's hidden potential can be revealed using a Magnifying Glass which can be bought from any Grocer NPC.

  • Every equip has a 20% chance of naturally dropping with hidden potential. 
    • 90% chance of dropping with Rare grade, 9% Epic grade, 1% Unique grade.
    • 90% chance of dropping with 1 Line, 9% 2 Lines, 1% 3 Lines.
  • If an equip does not have potential and has 0 or more upgrade slots, hidden potential can be applied using Potential Scrolls.
  • Applying Miracle Cube to an equip resets its potential. If you have a Magnifying Glass in your inventory it will automatically be used.
    • 5% chance of going from Rare -> Epic. 5% chance from Epic -> Unique grade.
    • 5% chance of going from 1 Line -> 2 Lines. 5% chance from 2 Lines -> 3 Lines.
    • The 1st line is always the same grade as the item a.k.a. "prime line". The 2nd and 3rd line are one grade lower 90% of the time. For example, a level 150 item with 1 "prime line" = 12% STR, 9% STR, 9% DEX.
  • The stats the potential lines give also varies depending on the REQ LEVEL of the item, for example a Unique prime line for STR%: Lvl 1-30 = 3%, Lvl 31-70 = 6%, Lvl 71-120 = 9%, Lvl 121~190 = 12%, Lvl 191~200 = 15%
  • Certain potentials only show on specific equips. For example, only weapons can get Watk%, damage to boss%, total damage%, etc. Gloves can get Decent Sharp Eyes, etc. (Can only get these lines 1 time per item)
  • Disabled potentials: Watk% on Kataras. Magic% on weapons.
  • Tip: Press spacebar in Cube Window to apply another Cube.
  • Tip: Double-click Miracle Cube Fragment to exchange for items.
  • Equip Enhancement Scrolls can be used to randomly increase the stats of an item (except for Defense) by 0~4. (Speed/Jump only 0~1)
    • Has a 2% chance to add a completely new stat (e.g. Avoidability).
    • Only weapons can increase watk/matk.
    • Can only be used on items with no more upgrade slots available.
    • Passing the scroll will add a star to the top of the item. The more stars on the item, the lower the chance to pass another scroll becomes.
    • Only EES can be used on items below 5 stars. Only AEES can be used above 5 stars.
    • AEES always gives minimum 2~4 stat, minimum 1~4 atk.
    • AEES can go up to 15 stars if player has Dragonoir's Horn from Dragon Rider and gives minimum 3~4 stat, minimum 2~4 atk. Only players who have cleared Dragon Rider can wear 11+ star equips
  • Cubes and EES can be obtained from Global drops, Boss Points, Dojo Points, PQ Points, Gachapon, etc.
  • Innocence Scroll can be obtained from Dojo points or bought from any Grocer NPC. Use to reset an equipment's stats to default (does not affect Potentials)


Boss Points
Expeditions grant boss points which can be used to purchase things from Barry in FM such as Cubes, Scrolls, etc.


Boss Min. Level Points Weekly limit (Account)
SHOWA 100 18 10 runs / week
SCARGA 100 15 10 runs / week
KREXEL 100 18 10 runs / week
ZAKUM 120 15 10 runs / week
VON_LEON 120 22 10 runs / week
TOAD 130 30 10 runs / week
HORNTAIL 130 38 10 runs / week
CHAOS_ZAKUM 140 50 5 runs / week
PINKBEAN 140 75 5 runs / week
CHAOS_HORNTAIL 180 100 5 runs / week
RAVANA 160 150 5 runs / week
CYGNUS 200 200 3 runs / week
ARKARIUM 210 250 3 runs / week
HILLA 220 300 3 runs / week
MAGNUS 230 350 3 runs / week
RANMARU 240 400 3 runs / week
DRAGON_RIDER 250 500 3 runs / week


  • We don't have daily limits and instead opt for weeklies. Daily limits punish players for missing a single day, making it impossible to "catch up" the next day. Limit is on the whole account.
  • All bosses have new equips added and mixing certain items grants Set Bonuses. E.g. Zakum Set, Zipangu Set, etc. See "Item Guide" Section for more details.
  • Cygnus, Arkarium and Hilla require 5 kills (achievement) of the preceding boss to enter. Magnus, Ranmaru, and Dragon Rider require 10.
  • The last 7 bosses have scaling HP so you can run with any number of up to 12 members, but the boss will take the same amount of time because of scaling. Ravana, Cygnus, Arkarium, Hilla require minimum 4 players. Magnus, Ranmaru, Dragon Rider require minimum 6 players.
  • Members will only receive boss points if they dealt enough total damage to reach the requirement written in the NPC when registering for the expedition. Use command @dmgcheck while inside expedition to check current total damage dealt.

Party Quest (PQ) Points
Go to the PQ hub by entering the tree portal in FM (or @go pq).

Completing PQs grants you PQ Points. The First Clear of The Week Bonus grants 3x points then -> regular amount.

Every PQ (Except for APQ, CWKPQ, GPQ) grants a 20% chance to get Double Points at any time.

PQ Points First Clear Subsequent clears
Henesys 6 2
Kerning 18 6
Ludi 60 20
Ellin 24 8
Ludi Maze 3 1
Orbis 48 16
Pirate 9 3
Magatia (R&J) 36 12
Amoria 27 9
CWK 36 12
Guild 87 29
Hoblin King 69 23


All weeklies reset on Friday @ 4 AM server time

  • All PQs allow up to 6 players to participate, except for 12 for CWK, 30 for Guild.
  • PQ points can be used to purchase items from Pub the Party Point Merchant, including a Best-in-slot Cash Ring with stats.
  • Carnival PQ 1 & 2 don't give PQ Points because you can just AFK. EXP for both winning and losing team have been buffed, but only if you get A rank.

Weekly Top 3 PQ Rankings

  • View the Weekly PQ Rankings by talking to the Ranking Board NPC in the PQ hub.
  • Any player who was in a Top 3 Run last week can claim a temporary PQ Master Medal with Double the stats of usual. The medal expires at the next Weekly Reset.

Dojo Points
Dojo has been expanded with more stages and a new shop where players may exchange their points for various items, including Best-in-slot Cash Belts with stats.

Floor Points Sum
1~6 5x13 = 55 55
7~12 5x19 = 95 150
13~18 5x26 = 130 280
19~24 5x33 = 165 445
25~30 5x39 = 195 640
31~36 5x46 = 230 870
37~42 5x66 = 330 1200
43~48 5x99 = 495 1695
49~54 5x132 = 660 2355
55~60 5x166 = 830 3185


  • Run solo or group up with a party, weekly limit of 3 runs.
  • From floor 30 and up, there is a box you can hit for potions.

Speak to Kedrick who is located on the far right of FM to access the shop and for all your fishing needs.

  • Sit in any Chair or Mount anywhere in FM or Fishing Lagoon with a Fishing Rod and bait in order to start fishing for Golden Fish, EXP, mesos or trash.
  • Using a Fishing Rod will catch something every 60 seconds. With a VIP Fishing Rod you catch twice as fast.
  • Delicious Gold Bait can be used to catch slightly more EXP and meso.
  • Trash that you catch will automatically be dropped. Feel free to pick it up if you want it.
  • Gold Fish can be exchanged for various rewards, including a best-in-slot Cash Pendant.

Players may participate in automated events that occur every 3 hours (starting from 00:00 server time).

Events include:

  • Over 25+ fully Custom Jump Quests
  • Custom Musical Chairs event
  • Custom Russian Roulette
  • Coconut Harvest
  • Ola Ola
  • OX Quiz
  • Snowball
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Dodge The Bob

- Completing JQ or being in winning team grants extra Event Points. Top place finishers receive 1 extra point.
- Exchange Event Points with Paul in FM for various rewards, including best-in-slot Cash Shoulder.
- For Jump Quest enthusiasts, speak to Crumbling Statue in FM to compete for the fastest time on vanilla JQ maps. Only the fastest will be granted the Master medal for each respective JQ.

Challenges & Achievements
Various new challenges have been added to Dalair. Get a best-in-slot Cash Medal from any of the Master Challenges. 
Players may also receive their Achievement Point medals through Dalair.

All Gachapon have been gathered in 1 spot for easy access. The Gachapon Room can be found by entering the far right portal in FM or using @go gacha.

Gachapon tickets can be obtained via Global drops or using the point shops. These can only be used in the 5 job-specific Gachapons.

For aesthetics, players may use the Chair, Mount, Pet, Cash Equip, and Damage Skin Gachapons. Tickets can be bought in Cash Shop or point shops. 

  • Use the Vaults in the Gachapon room for easy account-wide storage.
  • Gachapon Chairs, Mounts, Cash Equips, and Damage Skins are tradable.
  • You can trade-in 3 Chairs, Mounts, Cash Equips, or Damage Skins for 1 new ticket.
  • Player must have a Universal Cash Saddle to use Cash Mounts.

Inside the Gachapon room located in the top left, players will find the Gachapierrot where one lucky player will be selected to win ALL of the money that was entered that week.

Quality of Life "QOL" Edits

  • Custom mob spawning formula that buffs spawn in all maps and promotes moving around.
  • Decreased chat cooldown. Type as fast as you'd like, just don't spam.
  • No breath. Change equips or change channel without catching your breath first.
  • 400% speed cap and matched climbing speed. Climb ropes/ladders at high speeds.
  • Able to type in PIC during character selection.
  • No whack (Projectile classes can shoot from up close).
  • 9,999 stack size for most items.
  • Expanded AP Window so your stats never get cut off.
  • Item indicators (looks like an arrow) for scrolls/important drops.
  • Skillbook icons show the Skill Icon instead of a book.
  • Expeditions announce when an item has been looted and by whom.
  • Faster Maker loading time. No "boom" using Item Stimulators or when crafting crystals.
  • Account-based buddy list.
  • Max alliance/buddy/guild size increased.
  • Style Catalogue that allows players to save hair/faces/skins, account-shared.
  • Instant boat travel. Press Trade button to warp to FM from anywhere.
  • Taxis added for easier access to deep parts of El Nath/Temple of Time.
  • Mounts have been buffed to much higher speeds (150%/200%/250% for the 3 tiers).
  • Added wider platforms to HT. Can down-jump in Zakum.
  • Use @go gmmap to fight invincible dummies for DPS testing. Talk to KIN to receive free temporary buffs.
  • Pet Vac, 2x EXP, 2x Drop coupons obtainable from Party Points and Event Points.

Items from Cash Shop:

  • There are various QOL items in Cash Shop such as Premium Travel Ticket (removes cooldown on @go command).
  • Unlimited VIP Teleport rock, Unlimited Miu Miu The Traveling Merchant, etc.
  • Pet Auto Buff, Pet Auto Feed, Pet Auto All-Cure, Pet Vac (also obtainable using in-game points), etc. 
  • Ore Bank that allows players to store all Ores and Stimulators.
  • Scroll Bank that allows players to store all Scrolls and Skillbooks.
  • Aura Rings with stats.
  • Items from Donor section can be traded 1 time. Items bought with regular NX are untradable to prevent abusing vote mules.

Global Drops

  • Maple Leaves 1/100 (Only mobs under level 81. Leaves can be exchanged with Agent E for Maple Weapons)
  • Gachapon Ticket 1/1,000 (Use in Gachapon Room at right side of FM or @go gacha)
  • Special Beauty Surprise 1/1,000 (Use to randomize your entire look. Includes styles from Inkwell)

Following drop rates scale with monster level:

  Lvl 1~70 Lvl 71~110 Lvl 111~140 Lvl 141~170 Lvl 171~190 Lvl 191+
Chaos Scroll 60% 1/4,000 1/3,500 1/3,000 1/2,000 1/1,337 1/777
White Scroll 1/4,000 1/3,500 1/3,000 1/2,000 1/1,337 1/777
Clean Slate Scroll 20% 1/1,500 1/1,300 1/1,100 1/750 1/500 1/350
Clean Slate Scroll 10% 1/750 1/650 1/550 1/375 1/250 1/175
Equip Enhancement Scroll 1/750 1/650 1/550 1/375 1/250 1/175
Miracle Cube 1/900 1/666 1/350 1/300 1/200 1/150

No mules, no AFK-Leech, no KSing

  • Trying to log in with more than one account per computer will not work.
  • Party members must have recently attacked and killed monsters in order to gain EXP from other party members.
  • Party EXP sharing formula changed from standard 60:40 damage:level ratio to 90:10 to make leeching much less effective.
  • In turn, Party Bonus EXP has been significantly buffed to 20% per extra party member to encourage party play.
  • There are automatic bot checks (Lie Detector). You have 60 seconds and 3 attempts to type the answer to the Captcha correctly, be sure to read the instructions in the chat. Failure to complete the Captcha will get you kicked. Failing multiple times will result in a permanent ban. Only players who are attacking get prompted.
  • First person to attack in a map automatically becomes Map Owner. Expires after 120 seconds of inactivity. Use @mapowner to view information. 
  • If someone tries to Kill Steal, map owner may use @mapblock, which blocks anyone who is not in the owner's party from attacking.
  • Use @passmap <player> to pass Map Owner to someone.

Skill Changes

  • Equips don't require any secondary stats. Axes and Blunt Weapons have been buffed to be as strong as/slightly better than Swords.
  • There are no gender restrictions on items.
  • All party buffs have improved range and 300s duration at max level.
  • All classes are balanced and are able to both cleave effectively (damage multiple mobs) and boss (damage single mob).
  • Notable skill changes for QOL and balance: 
    • Paladin: Empowered Stance grants knockback reduction (half effectiveness) for party.
    • I/L and F/P wizard: Meditation grants +20% drop rate for party.
    • Blessing of Fairy changed to Empress's Blessing.
    • All Full Map Attack skills have a cooldown of 10~20 seconds.
    • Charging removed from Corkscrew Blow, Big Bang, Piercing Arrow, Ice/Fire Breath.
    • Removed Aran's Combo Critical for balance.
    • Able to use potions in Dark Sight and Eagle Eye.
    • Buccaneer animation delays reduced.
    • Corsair can climb in Battleship.
    • Can Boomerang Step off ledges. Assaulter without mobs.
    • And more... Full list below

Numbers shown are when skill is max level.

Nimble Feet: Speed +10 for 300s. No cooldown
Hero's Will: Cooldown 360s -> 60s
Echo of Hero: Does not get dispelled
All buffs duration increased to 300s.
All party buffs range increased.
Blessing of Fairy changed to Empress's Blessing: +1 WA, +3 MA per 10 levels on highest KoC character.

Sword/Axe Booster: Speed -2 -> -3
Rage: Damage 12 -> 20. No defense penalty
Sword/Axe Mastery: Accuracy 20 -> 60
Shout: Range increased. Cooldown 10s. Damage 30 -> 180 (skill desc outdated says 30)
Panic: Damage 350 -> 700
Coma: Damage 200 -> 600
Brandish: Damage 260 -> 385 (skill desc outdated says 350). x1.05 when hitting 1 mob. Hit 3 -> 4 mobs
Power Stance: Chance 90% -> 95%. Grants party 1/2 effectiveness (skill desc outdated doesn't say party)
Power Crash: Cancels boss Cancel WA/MA skill. Range improved
Enrage: Party Buff. Damage 26 -> 50. Cooldown 180s. Duration 60s. Does not get dispelled

Sword/BW Booster: Speed -2 -> -3
Sword/BW Mastery: Accuracy 20 -> 60
Blast: Damage 580 -> 977 (skill desc outdated says 940)
Charged Blast: Doesn't use up charge
Advanced Charged Blow: Damage 350 -> 480
Heaven's Hammer: Deals 900% damage. Cooldown 7s (skill desc outdated says 20s)
Empowered Stance: Chance 90% -> 95%. Grants party 3/4th effectiveness (skill desc outdated says 1/2)
Power Crash: Cancels boss Cancel WA/MA skill. Range improved

Dark Knight
Spear/Polearm Booster: Speed -2 -> -4
Spear/Polearm Mastery: Accuracy 20 -> 60
Hyper Body: Does not get dispelled
Spear Crusher: Only hits 1 mob. Damage 190 (skill desc outdated says 170)
Polearm Crusher: Damage 170 -> 300 (skill desc outdated says 270). Only hits 1 mob
Spear Fury: Damage 250 -> 340
Dragon Roar: Cooldown 10s
Power Stance: Chance 90% -> 95%. Grants party 1/2 effectiveness (skill desc outdated doesn't say party)
Berserk: Hp 50% -> 95%. Damage 200% -> 275%. Potions only heal to 95% first time (use @zerk to disable)
Power Crash: Cancels boss Cancel WA/MA skill. Range improved

Polearm Mastery: Accuracy 20 -> 60
Polearm Booster: Speed -3 -> -5
Combo Ability: Combo disappears after 3 -> 4 seconds.
Combo Critical: Skill removed
Overswing: Damage 170 -> 385, Damage 240 -> 540
Final Blow: Damage 700 -> 2 lines of 550 (skill desc outdated says 500).
Freeze Standing: Chance 90% -> 95%. Grants party 1/2 effectiveness (skill desc outdated doesn't say party)
Combo Barrier: Does not get dispelled
Combo Tempest: Damage 1500 -> 1000
All swings: x1.05 when hitting 1 mob

F/P Mage
Gets dynamic % MAGIC on Account Bonus Stats to boost weak early game
Magic Guard: Does not get dispelled
Meditation: Grants Party +20% drop rate (Works on bosses and reactors. Does not affect Global drops)
Paralyze: Damage 240 -> 395
Fire Demon: Damage 140 -> 190
Meteor Shower: Cooldown 20s
Big Bang: Range increased. No charging. Hits 6 mobs. Damage 290 -> 153 (skill desc outdated says 140)
Infinity: Gives 400 Magic Attack. Cooldown 180s. Duration 60s. Does not get dispelled.

I/L Mage
Gets dynamic % MAGIC on Account Bonus Stats to boost weak early game
Magic Guard: Does not get dispelled
Meditation: Grants Party +20% drop rate (Works on bosses and reactors. Does not affect Global drops.)
Chain Lightning: Damage 210 -> 357 (skill desc outdated says 340)
Ice Demon: Damage 120 -> 205 (skill desc outdated says 190)
Blizzard: Cooldown 20s
Big Bang: Range increased. No charging. Hits 6 mobs. Damage 290 -> 153 (skill desc outdated says 140)
Infinity: Gives 400 Magic Attack. Cooldown 180s. Duration 60s. Does not get dispelled.

Gets dynamic % MAGIC on Account Bonus Stats to boost weak early game
Magic Guard: Does not get dispelled
Holy Arrow: Hits 1 -> 6 mobs. Damage 80 -> 110
Shining Ray: Damage 100 -> 180
Holy Symbol: EXP 150% -> 130%
Angel Ray: Damage 240 -> 640
Big Bang: Range increased. No charging. Hits 6 mobs. Damage 290
Genesis: Cooldown 20s
Infinity: Gives 400 Magic Attack. Cooldown 180s. Duration 60s. Does not get dispelled.
Resurrection: Cooldown 30m -> 10m

Gets dynamic % MAGIC on Account Bonus Stats to boost weak early game
Magic Guard: Does not get dispelled
Ice Breath: Removed charge. Damage 120 -> 70
Fire Breath: Removed charge. Damage 180 -> 100
Magic Shield: Cooldown 40s -> 20s
Recovery Aura: Duration 30s -> 60s
Dragon Fury: MP over 50 -> 30. MP under 80 -> 95
Illusion: Delay reduced. Damage 130 -> 160 (skill desc outdated says 145)
Blaze: Delay reduced. Damage 330 -> 440
Dark Fog: Cooldown 20s
Soul Stone: Cooldown 5m. Does not get dispelled. Deceased keep buffs. Does not increase expedition death count. 
Blessing of the Onyx: Magic Attack 50 -> 400. Duration 60s. Cooldown 180s. Does not get dispelled.

Arrow Bomb: Damage 150 -> 230
Arrow Rain: Damage 160 -> 320
Hurricane: Damage 100 -> 203 (skill desc outdated says 180)
Dragon's Breath: Damage 100 -> 750. Hitbox increased
Concentrate: Party Buff. Damage 26 -> 50. Duration 60s. Cooldown 180s. Does not get dispelled.

Iron Arrow: Damage 200 -> 300
Crossbow Booster: Speed -2 -> -3
Arrow Eruption: Damage 160 -> 320
Snipe: Damage 1000 -> 1624 (skill desc outdated says 1450). No cooldown
Piercing Arrow: No charging. Max 4 mobs. Hitbox increased
Dragon's Breath: Damage 100 -> 750. Hitbox increased

Night Lord
Triple Throw: Damage 150
Meso Up: Meso 150% -> 130%.
Taunt: Does not work on bosses.
Shadow Web: Chance 100% at max level. (skill desc outdated says 80%)
Avenger: Damage 180 -> 484 (skill desc outdated says 440)

Dagger Mastery: Accuracy 20 -> 60
Steal: Hits 4 -> 6 mobs
Meso Guard: Does not get dispelled
Assaulter: Works without mob present
Assassinate: Damage 600 -> 1100 (skill desc outdated says 1050)
Taunt: Does not work on bosses.
Boomerang Step: Damage 500 -> 720. Hits 4 -> 6 mobs
Smokescreen: Cooldown 10m -> 7.5m

Dual Blade
Katara Mastery: Accuracy 20 -> 60
Fatal Blow: Damage 180 -> 150
Upper Stab: Damage 245 -> 160
Slash Storm: Damage 160 -> 450
Flying Assaulter: Damage 400 -> 800
Bloody Storm: Damage 280 -> 840. Hit 8 -> 6 mobs
Final Cut: HP Cost removed. Duration 60s -> 90s. Cooldown 100s -> 88s. Does not get dispelled
Sudden Raid: Damage 600 -> 1000. Cooldown 20s
Chains of Hell: Damage 250 -> 308 (skill desc outdated says 285). Grants short Stance buff if connects with mob
Advanced Dark Sight: Chance 49% -> 100%

Knuckle Mastery: Accuracy 20 -> 60
Corkscrew Blow: No charge. Hit 3 -> 6 mobs
Backspin Blow: Hit 3 -> 6 mobs
Transformation: Duration 120 -> 300s. Cooldown 360 -> 240s. Does not get dispelled
Shockwave: Delay reduced
Barrage: Damage 230 -> 440 (skill desc outdated says 400)
Snatch: Damage 600 -> 720 (skill desc outdated says 600)
Time Leap: Cooldown 10 min.
Demolition: Delay reduced. Damage 400 -> 462 (skill desc outdated says 420)
Dragon Strike: Damage 810 -> 1344 (skill desc outdated says 1120)
Super Transformation: Duration 120 -> 300s. Cooldown 360 -> 240s. Does not get dispelled

Invisible Shot: Max 6 mobs
Flamethrower: Damage 190 ->450
Ice Splitter: Damage 160 -> 400
Homing Beacon: Does not get dispelled
Octopus: Does extra line for 1400% damage. Duration 120s
Gaviota: Does extra line for 300% damage. Duration 120s
Wrath of the Octopi: Does extra line for 800% damage. Duration 120s
Air Strike: Cooldown 20s. Hit 6 -> 12 mobs
Battleship Cannon: Damage 380 -> 409 (skill desc outdated says 365)
Battleship Torpedo: Damage 780 -> 1155 (skill desc outdated says 1050)
Battleship: Speed 80% -> 200%. Can climb ropes. Unlimited HP. Does not get dispelled. Grants 50% stance

Knights of Cygnus
Sword Booster: Speed -2 -> -3
Soul Blade: Hits 5 -> 6 mobs
Rage: Gives +20 attack
Brandish: Hits 3 -> 4 mobs
Panic: Damage 320 -> 700
Coma: Damage 170 -> 600
Meditation: Drop rate +20% for party (Works on bosses and reactors. Does not affect Global drops)
Meteor Shower: Cooldown 20 seconds
Arrow Rain: 160 -> 320
Avenger: Damage 180 -> 440
Shark Wave: Damage 270 -> 330

Useful commands

  • @wd, @wdf - @whodrops, @whodropsfrom shows drops from mobs
  • @go - Select a map from the list to warp to
  • @mapowner - Shows who "owns" the map
  • @mapblock - Blocks Kill Stealing from non-party members
  • @passmap <player> - Passes map owner to someone
  • @buyback - Buy back item if you sold it by mistake. Only shows 24 items at a time but goes back 255, to view older items just buy everything and re-type command.
  • @bosstime - Shows respawn time in maps with area bosses
  • @weekly - Shows your weekly limits
  • @sell - Uses 1 Miu Miu to sell equips in your inventory that are not scrolled, cubed, locked, etc. 
  • @bosshp, @mobhp - Shows how much HP mobs in your map have
  • @dps <minutes> - Track how much damage you deal per second over a minute or more
  • @epm <minutes> - Track how much EXP you gained over a minute or more
  • @mpm <minutes> - Track how much meso you gained over a minute or more
  • @rates - Shows current EXP rates
  • @bonus, @bonus2 - Shows account bonus stats
  • @points - Shows all your points in one place
  • @gear - Shows info about your equips
  • @orbs - Shows how many Boss Orbs you've used
  • @filter - Filter items your pet picks up
  • @spikes - Turns on/off your shoe's spikes
  • @hidedmg, @hideskills, @hidepets, @hidechairs - Hide/show other players' damage, skills, pets, chairs.
  • @togglesmega, @togglegacha, @toggleach - Hide certain messages
  • @removesummon - If you ever want to remove your summon buffs
  • @ach, @quests, @quests2, @scrolls, @scrolls2, @equips, @equips2 - Show which quests / achievements you've completed
  • @enableauth - Use to turn on/off PIC for example when you want to delete a character
  • @obank, @sbank, @style - Quickly open Ore/Scroll Bank/Style Catalogue
  • @dep, @odep, @sdep - Quickly depost all ores/scrolls into Bank
  • @revive - Use if your You Are Dead pop-up ever glitches out
  • @restart - Restart a JQ from Crumbling Statue
  • @night - Hide the background
  • @speed <speed> - Adjust speed from items in case you want to slow down
  • @music - Play music
  • @roll - Roll a die in chat
  • @roll2 - Rolls dice for everyone in the map in chat
  • @str, @dex, @int, @luk - Add AP quicker
  • @tp <name/number> - Uses VIP Teleport Rock for you
  • @dispose - Use this in case NPCs don't respond
  • @dmgcheck - Use this inside an exped to see how much total damage has been dealt and who needs 2x drop
  • @mute - Mute a player's Smegas, Chat, Whispers, Invitations, etc.
  • @deaths - Shows current death count inside the exped
  • @help - Shows full list of commands

Widescreen Client Settings
Users may open the settings.ini file and configurate settings such as Screen Resolution and hiding certain chat spam.



  • First vote grants 3,000 NX, every consecutive vote adds +500 bonus NX, maxes out at 5,000 NX per vote.
  • You may vote 3 times per day per account. Use different device/IP for each vote, e.g. once on your computer, once on your phone's Wi-Fi, once on your phone's Mobile Data. You may also turn off your Wi-Fi, turn on Airplane Mode, then turn it off and be able to vote again using your phone's Mobile Data.
  • Be sure to type in the correct name, follow the instructions written in our Voting page.


Starter Guide

Leveling Guide

You can choose to level by Grinding, Questing, or Party Questing. We recommend questing because it's decently fast with the 3x quest bonus EXP rate, and you can progress your Quest/Monster card bonus at the same time, while not being too repetitive.


  • Level 10~30: NLC Mayor Quiz, 1st job instructor training quests, Demon questline. Ant Tunnel
  • Level 30~50: Mushroom Kingdom 30+, Kerning Square (Blake's Dream) 35+
  • Level 50~70: Mu Lung's Straw Targets (Gong's Teaching) 50+, Florina Beach King Clang 50+, Mysterious Note 50+, Strange Dish 40+, Nautilus Garbage Can & Muirhat Quests 55+ (The Lost Letter)
  • Level 70+: Neo City (Start quest The Suspicious Wanderer in Magatia)
  • Level 90+: Snowfield Giant in El Nath 90+, Temple of Time Memory Lane 91+ (Green Mobs), Ellin Forest 95+, ToT Road of Regrets 103+ (Memory Keeper's Quest + Blue Mobs)
  • Level 120+: Lion King's Castle 120+, Ninja Castle 120+, ToT Road to Oblivion 120+ (Sorcerer's Quest + Red Mobs)
  • Level 150+: Golden Temple
  • Level 160+: Cygnus Gate to Future
  • Level 180+: Arkarium Dimensional Schism
  • Level 190+: Twilight Perion
  • Level 200+: Pantheon, Heliseum

If you need help with quests, search your quest on Hidden-Street for useful information.

Party Quests:

  • Enter the Party Quest Hub from the Portal under the tree in FM or use command @go pq. Party Quests have no max level cap.


  • All mobs with bad HP:EXP ratios have been buffed, and almost all maps have buffed mob spawns. This means you can viably grind almost anywhere.


Item Guide

Starting out:

  • Secondary stat requirements have been removed from all items so you can wear anything while putting all AP into your primary stat.
  • Bring 5 Maple Leaves to Agent E in Henesys to craft Maple Weapons, Armor, Scrolls.
  • Vote 3 times a day for NX to purchase items that make leveling more convenient:
    • Buy a Pet + Auto-loot to pick up items for you. 
    • Miu Miu the traveling merchant for re-potting and @sell
    • Premium Travel Ticket to move around faster.
    • Aura Rings for a little stat boost.

Early game:

  • Zakum Set: Zakum drops Zakum Helmet, Zakum Belt, Zakum Cape, Zakum's Poisonic Weapons. 
  • Reverse Item Sets: Reverse Weapons and Armor can be crafted using maker, also dropped by Pink Bean.
  • SG & MY Set: Scarlion/Targa Hat, Lion Ring, Theme Park Glasses, Carousel Earrings from Scarlion & Targa. Desolate Ring, Almighty Shoulder from Krexel. 
  • Zipangu Set: Yakuza Ring, Shogun Pendant from Showa Boss. Daimyo Ring, Daimyo Mask from Castellan Toad.
  • Von Leon Item Sets: Von Leon Weapons and Armor sets dropped from Von Leon.
  • Horntail Set: Horntail Necklace, Wyvern Shoulder, Dragon Earrings from Horntail.

Mid game:

  • Chaos Set: Chaos Zakum Helmet, Enraged Zakum Cape, Enraged Zakum Belt from Zakum. Chaos Horntail Necklace, Hydra Shoulder, Draco Earrings from Chaos Horntail.
  • Timeless Sets: Timeless Weapons and Armor sets dropped from Pink Bean or crafted using Maker.
  • Ravana Set: Ravana Helmet + Ravana Scrolls, Nirvana Ring, Temple Eye Accessory, Monk Mask fom Ravana.
  • Mysterious Scroll for Pet Equip: Improves Pet Equips, dropped by Ravana.

Late game:

  • Necromancer Item Sets: Weapon and Armor sets dropped from Empress Cygnus.
  • Arkarium Set: Corrupted Glasses, Silent Item Capes, Twisted Item Belts, Crusade Mask from Arkarium.

End game:

  • Elder Ring Set: Empress Ring from Empress Cygnus. Corrupted Ring from Arkarium. Pharaoh Ring from Hilla. Tyrant Ring from Magnus. Sengoku Ring from Mori Ranmaru.
  • Supreme Accessory Set: Sahara Earrings, Dune Pendant from Hilla. Sparkling Glasses, Oda Mask, Seiwa Item Belts from Mori Ranmaru.
  • Lionheart / Dragon Tail, Falcon Wing, Raven Horn, Shark Tooth Sets: Weapons and Armor sets from Magnus and Mori Ranmaru.
  • Mystical Scrolls for Pet Equip: Improves Pet Equips, dropped by Hilla.
  • Better Throwing Stars, Arrows, Bullet: Crafted in Ninja Temple using coins dropped by Ravana, Cygnus, Hilla.
  • Chaos Scroll of Goodness for Titan Achievement Hunter Medal, Sealed Box for Universal Cash Saddle, 15-star EES only for Hilla+ equipment: Dropped by Dragon Rider.
  • Note: Equipment from Hilla, Magnus, Mori Ranmaru, can only be worn if player has killed boss. Only players who have killed Dragon Rider can wear 11+ star equips. Projectiles crafted with Hilla Coin can be used by anyone.

Cash items:

  • Event Shoulder: Obtained using Event Points
  • Dojo Belts: Obtained using Dojo Training Points
  • Fishing Pendant: Obtained using Golden Fish
  • GML Pet Label Ring: Obtained used GML (Mia in Henesys)
  • Wedding Ring: Obtained by getting married
  • Astral & Celestial Aura Ring: Obtained from Cash Shop

Item Improvement:

  • All equips drop with a chance to have Hidden Potential. Use a Magnifying Glass to reveal the potential. Potential Scrolls can used on any item with slots to give it a potential.
  • Various scrolls have been altered, e.g. Scrolls for Shoes, Earrings, Cape give watk/matk. Use Vega's Spell from Point Shops to improve the passing rate. Chaos Scrolls might be better on certain items if it comes with Watk.
  • Use Miracle Cubes to reset the item's potential and get up to max 3 Unique lines.
  • Items with 0 slots can be upgraded using Equip Enhancement Scrolls. Maximum of 10 can be applied.
  • Innocence Scroll can be obtained from Dojo points. Use to reset an equipment's stats to default (does not affect Potentials)
  • Can use Mysterious/Mystical Scroll for Pet Equip from Ravana/Hilla on Pet Equips.
  • List of Pets and their matching Pet Equips: Click Here
  • Crafting equips with Maker can grant improved stats. Item stats are randomized -5~5 by default. Can add crystals to improve stats. Item Stimulators add 0~2 stat and do not boom the item on failure.


Job Guide

All jobs level to 250, except for Knights of Cygnus only to 120. Since max is 250, you will have enough SP to max all useful skills.

Aran Quests:

  • Must do quests marked [Required] or [Skill] to job advance/learn skills, check here: Aran Quests
  • For 3rd job advancement, the Yeti in the Ice Cave will eat your Red Jade. Craft a new one by learning Maker Skill in Magatia by talking to Moren (Moren's New Discovery)

Evan Quests:

  • Must do the questline to receive necessary SP to max all skills, check here: Evan Quests
  • Some early game Mastery Books can be bought in Cash Shop, or for meso from General Mau in @go utah

Dual Blade Quests:

  • Must do all quests to Job Advance. You will most likely overlevel, put SP in Double Stab and save the rest of your SP until job advancement. List of quests: Dual Blade Quests
  • Some early game Mastery Books are in Cash Shop for 1K NX, or for Meso in DB Area's Merchant shop NPC

4th job Skills:

  • Learning certain 4th job skills requires doing quests:
    • Warrior (Note: Rush quest can be done solo): Guide
    • Magician: Guide
    • Bowman (Note: Snipe/Concentrate quest can be done solo): Guide
    • Thief: Guide
    • Pirate: Guide
  • Other skill books can be acquired from monster drops. Use the command @whodrops <name> to find which mobs drop the skill book you're looking for.

Adventurer 3rd Job Advancement Guide