The Last and Best Pre-BB Version

Classic Maple with modern playability

No more low effort v83 remakes! Kaizen v92 is the perfect blend of the classic nostalgic Pre-BB that we all know and love, but with modern playability. Fully functional Evan and Dual Blade jobs, Item Potential system, and custom widescreen client that boots up in the blink of an eye.

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Bootstrap Themes

Endless Content

Tons of extra content such as Coke Town, Ulu City, Neo Tokyo, Ninja Castle, Lion King's Castle, Golden Temple, Gate To Future, Twilight Perion, Knight's Stronghold, Empress Cygnus, Arkarium, Hilla, Magnus, Mori Ranmaru, Dragon Rider, and more!

All classic PQs working, Boss Points, Custom Dojo, Resurrection of the Hoblin King, Ghost Ship.

Sustainable Gameplay

Custom progressive EXP rate for progression. Quest EXP multiplied. No HP washing needed. No Dailies. No Mules. Class Balance. Bonus stats from monster cards, quests, custom achievement system!

Bootstrap Themes

Tons of fun

Thousands of new cash equips & pets. Mount & Chair & Damage Skin Gachapons, trade and collect them all! Custom Fishing system in FM. Constant automated events daily. Fully Custom JQ maps. Custom GM event maps. Seasonal events, and more.

The Essentials


Experienced developers. No lag, no buggy code, deadlocks, memory leaks, or rollbacks


Custom party EXP formula. No AFK leech, party members must be active to receive EXP


No dupes, exploits, hacking. Automatic bot checks. Active GMs

Skill Balance

All jobs are viable in both bossing and farming. Classes are balanced.


Close-range shooting, long buff durations/range, custom chat cooldown, tubi, account-wide buddylist, and much much more


Same-Sex Marriage allowed. Unisex equips. Fair GMs. Sensible rules. Anti-KS systems.

Handy Commands

@dps @whodrops @whatdropsfrom @buyback @goto and many more

Stable Client

Custom widescreen client with multiple resolutions, fast startup, and no GFX


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